ZED utilises a framework of rules and practices to ensure sustainability, accountability, fairness and transparency in the company’s relationship with all its stakeholders which includes investors, clients, employees, government and the community. 

The governance framework consists of:

  • Explicit and implicit contracts between ZED and its stakeholders in terms of the distribution of responsibilities, rights and rewards;
  • Policies with regards to stakeholders duties, privileges and roles based on the guiding principles provided in national legislation; and
  • Procedures for proper supervision, control and information flow.
  • The strategic framework is the principal consideration of each and every ZED shareholder or employee when interacting on behalf of the company.


ZED’s mission is to cost effectively enhance service delivery through safe, quality work whilst:

  • Ensuring sustainable development throughout all business operations and areas; and
  • Complying with all applicable governance.


ZED’s vision is to be a leading and respected core drilling company that:

  • Provides cost effective core drilling services;
  • Is an employer of choice; and
  • Delivers value for money.



ZED’s business philosophy considers the fundamental principles inherent to the formation and operation of the company.  It is a commitment to going above and beyond to exceed expectations of customers, fellow employees and shareholders.  The business philosophy is based on the elements defined in ZED’s value system which reflects in the nature and purpose of the company’s relationship with the following internal and external stakeholders.


ZED’s human capital is a treasured asset and the company supports the employees to realize their true potential in a mutually rewarding and positive environment by:

  • Ensuring the safety and dignity of its employees;
  • Offering equal opportunities to all employees;
  • Acknowledging that the power and performance of the company is dependent on the quality, commitment, skills and knowledge of its employees; and
  • Rewarding employee’s performance on merit.

Apart from other shareholders, the Zaaiman Share Option Trust (ZSOT) was introduced by ZED’s Board of Directors in 2009.  This initiative not only allowed black employees to obtain 26% of the company’s share but also guaranteed the company a full black empowered status as per the requirements of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act (No 53 of 2003).  ZED’s management aims to deliver good profits for the shareholders over the long term.


ZED’s management understands the need to offer the company’s clients value for money.  ZED stays in touch with the needs, motives and behaviour of our clients.  ZED is known for exceptional service delivery.  The company comprises a dedicated and skilled management team committed in providing guidance through leadership; experience and knowledge.  The company’s reasonable business practices have earned loyalty from its employees, customers and suppliers and have successfully built an enviable reputation for: “consistent on time delivery”.  ZED’s customer relations approach is based on determining and meeting the client’s precise requirements.


ZED is an active role player in the continuous development of the South African Exploration Drilling industry.  We are a member of the Drilling Industry Certification Association of South Africa (DICASA).  ZED is accredited by the Mining Qualifications Authority of South Africa to present exploration drilling training.  We are the first, and currently still the only drilling company with such accreditation.   The Training Centre is ISO 9001:2008 certified.  Atlas Copco, the supplier of most reliable and safest drill rigs in the world has recognised ZED as a priority partner and client and regularly involves ZED in the design, development and/or testing of new exploration drilling equipment.


ZED complies with all requirements set by local and national government.  These requirements are embedded in the company’s policies and procedures.


ZED’s buying department ensures the purchasing of quality goods or services from competent suppliers.  The suppliers utilised by ZED have to comply with the applicable laws and principles of good business practice which includes:

  • Compliance to BBBEE legislation and a positive BEE certification;
  • Proof of sustainable development embedded in their processes;
  • Proof of safety, health and environmental practices embedded in their processes;
  • A guaranteed quality product; and
  • Guaranteed after-sales service.

ZED aims to offer a unique service over the competition in the market and continually adjust their business strategy to comply with the changing requirements of the clients.  The relationship with competition in the market is based on a competitive analysis which is reviewed annually.


ZED is known for their expertise in the core drilling industry and has been in operation since 1995.  The company combines core drilling knowledge and experience to realize the customer’s core drilling requirements with the use of the best maintained drill rig fleet in the country.  Current areas of expertise are in surface exploration drilling and in surface directional drilling.

Code of conduct

The successful implementation of ZED’s Strategic Framework is dependent on the loyalty, integrity and work ethic of every ZED employee.  They will demonstrate their commitment to the Strategic Framework by:

  • Maintaining and promoting safety and environmental awareness in and around the workplace as well as outside the workplace, to respect the lives and property of others, to immediately stop unsafe actions and operations and to report any issues that cannot be solved immediately;
  • Displaying a positive attitude by being loyal to others and by showing them respect and recognition so that their dignity, esteem and honour will be maintained and enhanced;
  • Dedicating their actions, to mind cultural and racial diversity as well as being mindful of their appearance and use of language;
  • Taking immediate corrective action when dealing with incidents and complaints or utterances that could harm others;
  • Striving towards an effective service to our company, clients and colleagues by recognizing and understanding their needs;
  • Keeping their level of expertise high;
  • Remaining informed of technological and other developments related to their profession;
  • Acting responsible in dealing with services and information acquired by them or entrusted to them;
  • Refraining from making comments and getting involved in situations in which contradictory interests may affect their objectivity;
  • Display honesty in the representation and disclosure of facts as well as in the way in which services and products are advertised and promoted.


Integrity and accountability are core values for Zaaiman Exploration Drilling (ZED).  Earning and continuing to command trust are fundamental to the success of ZED’s business.  The ZED clients and suppliers should be confident that they will be dealt with fairly and ethically.


ZED is opposed to corruption.  The company commits itself to neither providing nor receiving any bribes nor permitting others to do so in ZED’s name, either in dealings with suppliers and clients.  ZED and all its employees are committed to operate to a high standard of integrity wherever they work.


ZED is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the areas in which we drill. Corruption undermines that objective; it erodes trust, drives away investment and increases the costs and unpredictability of doing business. It significantly reduces the ability of our business to produce positive development outcomes.


Bribes and other corrupt payments are illegal. In addition to compliance with this policy, all employees and contractors have a duty to uphold and comply with the laws of the countries and jurisdictions in which they operate.


Any breach or potential breaches of the Business Ethics can be reported by means of:

Email to


Stakeholders (employees, clients and/or public) are encouraged to report complaints and to convey compliments on any of the following issues by using the established forums or mechanisms as detailed in the respective policy documents or by e-mailing

  • Employment Equity;
  • Social responsibility and ethics committee;
  • Fleet and equipment use or misuse; and/or
  • Safety, Health and Environmental matters.