ZED has been the preferred exploration drilling supplier for most of the major mining groups since its inception.  The company started off with three drill rigs in 1992 and currently has a fleet of 39 drill rigs of which two is being used for surface directional drilling.



ZED conducts core drilling, anywhere in South Africa and currently operates in Mpumalanga, Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, North-West and Limpopo.  The company offers both vertical and angle/inclined core drilling up to 2500 meters deep with core sizes from B-size to T6 146.  This drilling technique includes geotechnical holes where the following can be done:

a)  SPT testing;

b)  Shelby tube sampling;

c)  Triple tube drilling, vertical and inclined up to 45%.  

We are also regularly doing installations of piping for water and gas monitoring purposes.  


This relatively new drilling technique has the potential to enhance exploration efficiency which has significant cost and time-saving implications for the client.  It is the same technique originally used in the oil drilling industry, that utilises a diamond cutting head attached to a steerable down hole motor which is sunk down the parent hole to drill various deflection holes in predetermined directions. 

It allows for 85 – 95% accurate predictions of dolerite intrusions and coal seam displacements.  We regularly drill holes up to 2000 meter but can potentially drill holes of 2500 meters long in a coal seam of up to 300 meters deep.